Made In AmericaAt Kord Acoustics, we can’t stand bland loudspeakers. We believe loudspeaker design is a unique craft. It isn’t just an engineering exercise – it’s also a practice in aesthetics, expression, and style.

Designed for the entry-level audiophile, Kord products are a modern blend of technology, refined fashion sense, and genuine HiFi performance.

About Us

About UsKord Acoustics was founded by a group of savvy engineers and skilled artisans who are also hard-core audio enthusiasts. We’ve always been frustrated by the lack of GENUINE audiophile-grade gear at a reasonable price point, so a brainchild known as Kord Acoustics was born. We knew our first product could make or break the company, so we had to get it right the first time (No pressure, right?).

The Verge met our goals beautifully, and we achieved it with a minimum of fistfights. (Left-brain engineering geeks, right-brain designers – you get the picture.) Years of work went into the project. Crossovers were designed and re-designed. Cabinet prototypes littered our woodshop, knee-deep. A glorious energy drink pyramid was erected.

In the end, we all got what we wanted with the Verge – a beautifully hand-crafted walnut cabinet, tuned low for the ideal amount of bass response, matched with high-end drivers and perfectly customized electronics. The Verge is just the first of what we hope will be an ever-expanding group of products from Kord Acoustics. We promise to not fight as much over the next product. Maybe.


Kord Verge

It’s the 21st century – it’s not THAT hard to design a decent sounding speaker anymore. So what sets us apart?

Let’s face it – there are a LOT of compact speakers on the market, most of them claiming to be “audiophile grade.” The reality is that almost all of these speakers are mass-produced overseas, use entry-level technology that’s been around for decades, and are anything but unique in their aesthetic design. Let’s take a look at something completely different – the Kord Verge.

Engineering Wizardry

The first thing you’re likely to notice about the Verge is its bold, unusual shape. Small monitors like these tend to be built tall or wide – not the Verge. Instead, the Verge is built deep to take advantage of unused space behind the driver. This unique design keeps the speaker as small as possible while increasing internal airspace and port length, which is vital for deep bass.

Another problem that drives us crazy is that virtually all small speakers are designed only for up-close listening, at relatively low volumes, in small rooms. *Yawn* – Kord isn’t about that at all! We like to take small speakers out of their comfort zone. The Verge thinks it’s a much bigger speaker than it really is, and can be used anywhere in your home with great results, even at high volumes. Unique crossover technology drives an ultra-wide sound stage, so use it in your living room, your kitchen, your secret lab – wherever! The Verge easily stands up to speakers twice its footprint, and in most cases, it sounds BETTER.

Mind-Boggling Quality Control

Did you know that common industry standards allow up to 10% variance between their electrical components and +/-3dB variance between drivers? That means that even though you’re buying two seemingly identical speakers, they could actually sound DIFFERENT!

Kord engineers shook their heads at this disappointing industry standard and made sound quality and consistency their first priority. How about a 0.5% variance between electrical components? Done. 1.5% maximum tolerance between drivers? Check. Long-throw woofers with 100 watts of power handling? Definitely. ALL of the Verge’s internal components are hand-selected, assembled, and tested here in the USA to ensure they meet our expectations and EXCEED yours.

Dashing Good Looks

As great as the Verge sounds, we’re not looking to choose beauty OR brains. With a Kord product, you always get the whole package.

A ridiculous amount of time is spent to make sure each Verge speaker oozes with modern refinement and elegance. It starts with the wood selection – every pair is made with solid WALNUT, a timber usually reserved for high-end furniture. But it isn’t just thrown onto an assembly line – the walnut is hand assembled with precision box joints, stained with two tones, sanded, and polished multiple times. Every Verge cabinet has its own distinctive wood grain, so each pair is unique and special.

We could have stopped there and gotten away with it – but why? Bland isn’t our thing, remember? We thought it could use some contrast – Custom-molded, black gloss acrylic end-caps provide a striking balance to the wood, while also serving as waveguides and baffle reinforcement. Even the gold-plated terminals express sophistication, with a tasteful cover plate to hide the connectors. We DARE you to find another speaker with this much class – anywhere near its price point.

Verge Specifications

Freq. Response (-10 dB): 50 Hz – 20 kHz
Recommended Amp Power: 10 – 125 W
Sensitivity (SPL 1W/1m): 87dB
Max Calculated SPL: 100 dB
Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal
Network: 12dB/oct
LF Transducer: 3 in. (75 mm) Polypropylene cone w/rubber surround
HF Transducer: 3/4″ in (19 mm) silk and synthetic blend soft dome
Connectors: 5-way gold plated binding post. Accepts up to 12-guage wire.
Enclosure Material: Hand finished walnut w/mirrored laminated baffles
Dimensions: 8.75″ L 7″ H 4.5″ W
Single Speaker (each): 4.5 lbs.
Shipping Weight (pair & box): 10 lbs.

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10661 Rene Street
Lenexa, KS 66215
Phone: 913.233.8545
Email: [email protected]

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